If dogs could talk

Friend, confidant, art connesieur? ¬†Just think, if dogs could talk, especially Ed Ruscha’s dog. He’d probably say…”The studio’s spaciousness, it’s library, huge work tables with mock up models, sketches, work desks, storage shelves, all great places to lay under or near when I want to get away or relax when the need arises. Ah those cool concrete warehouse floors when it’s too hot. And the spacious kitchen, it’s scraps, treats, food, a wonderful space I especially enjoy when we have visitors.
I really love the back huge room, a place of energy and creation. I’m not as spry as I used to be, so I appreciate my studio bed there, it’s my sanctuary and a great spot to catch most of the action, plus it’s the gateway to the greatest urban backyard ever! I get to collect my thoughts and grab a little California sunshine in a huge manicured area surrounded by a high chain link privacy fence looking out to the other backyards. When I’m out, I get to roam around a great well maintained garden with cumquat and palm trees. There’s Harley too, back there, one of my master’s great buddies, working in a large steel three sided roofed shed crammed with tools. He works with paint too, an artist in his own right, meticulously making old cars look new again, working on auto restorations. I remember he once told me they don’t make paint like they used to…it’s thinner, touchier, not as durable.
You’ve probably already guessed that I’m in dog heaven. I’m treated great and loved by staff and friends, but all of those great spaces and smells, the people that visit, it’s all good, but it’s the private conversations with my master and our relationship, what’s best…that’s where it’s at”…, Woody

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