Navajo Reservation

What Makes a Family – How Landscape Shapes a Home (6) – Yellowhorse Mountain, AZ

At this obviously once booming tourist and traveler stop everything is now faded. All the bright colors are washed out or peeling off and there isn’t much traffic through the shops and vendors. But there they still are. Sitting in there shops and selling jewelry, knick knacks, souvenirs and blankets.
In the first shop I went into I met the woman pictured above. While born near here she quickly grew up and moved away to Utah where she started her own life. She didn’t come back here till her parents got sick and now she stays to take care of them and help run the business. First she hated being back, the lonely scenery combined with the dwindling traffic depressed her. But out of it all she found a new family to add to her own, here she met her husband and their first child is on it’s way! This still doesn’t feel like home to her though, and she eventually wants to move to Alaska, a place she has seldom been but calls to her anyway. Sometimes home isn’t where you grow up or where you find your love, it’s a forbidden elusive place that just reaches out and pulls you towards it with great and mysterious power.

In contrast, the man in the photo knows this place is his home. Even down to the very store he works in, if you look through the small door in the back you see his bed and a small rack of clothes.