It’s a Sign

imageimageimageOne of the many things I found interesting about our visits to the different sites along Route 66 were the old signs that still remained at or near the original gas stations. As our professors explained to us at the beginning of the class, neon was a constant theme in the 60′s along Route 66 and the signs would be sure to reflect the age of a lot of our landmarks. The signs I chose to display were ones that I thought matched the time period we were looking for. The neon style can be easily recognized by the colorful lights that are used to advertise to travelers. The ones that are still standing are ones from old hotels on Route 66, however some of them could just be replicas used to keep the old feel of the road alive.

I decided to document these signs because they were a popular fixture on Route 66 at one point and I thought it was interesting to see a lot of them still being used. In some cases along the road trip we were at sites where gas stations were no longer standing but remnants of old signs remained. These signs helped us understand our surroundings by knowing what once stood at the site and how old the site could have been.