Taking it back

It is quite amazing how man can so easily go into nature and take over the land and form it to our needs. What is more amazing is how if we just step out of the picture, nature can take back it’s land just as easily. Nature is vast, not just in scale, but in life. It may not be able to completely tear down our monuments in minutes but it can move in even quicker.RtR-8Creatures start to move in sometimes before we even leave. Making homes and living life in the exact same places that we do the same things. While we may coexist with them in the same places they tend to flourish without our presence. I think it’s beautiful when relics of our civilization become part of the environment and habitats that the life of this beautiful planet live in.


Plants and the forces of nature can affect unattended structures drastically over time. Eventually a structure may be become so much part of the environment that it may not be recognizable. They can be overgrown with plants or destroyed by erosion or storms so much so that they just become rubble and dust. Lighting could even start a fire that could burn it down to ash. No matter what happens, without our presence nature takes it all back.