Old Memories

Jackrabbit memories.

Cindy Jacques at the Jackrabbit stop pulled out an old book full of old photos and articles of the Jackrabbit.Apparently it had begun back in 1949 as a trading post. In the picture above Glenn Blansett, her grandfather and a member of the senate, can be seen at the top row wearing glasses. In 1961, he leased it out before buying it in 1967.

She talked about the transformation from a trading post to a gas station with the giant rabbit. The original rabbit was nothing more than a metal cage anymore sitting in the back shed. It could only take so much of its ears being pulled on by kids and getting run into by cars before parts started falling off. The new one enjoying its hey-day as visitors climbed on top for pictures.

I imagine is has to be one of the more outrageous stops along route 66 gas station wise which is possibly what prompted a picture. it is an icon that will be remembered for sure.