Gas station

Station not long gone.

In Tucumcari, NM a bank now replaced the old Enco gas station. We walked in and talked to Madeline Esquibel who helped fill in some of the history. The Enco has first turned into an Exxon where her husband worked. One of the other ladies joke about Madeline’s husband filling up her tank all the time and how you couldn’t find a full service station anymore. The gas station was completely torn down in 2001 for the bank to be built.

The entire time they talked about it, the reminisced about the “good ol’ days” of their lives when they would get full service at a gas station and take a drive with the family down the street.

They also talked about how much the missed the main street bustle back in the days before I-40 opened. I-40 drew the busier part of the city away from main street and closer to the interstate, Main street was now a skeleton.of what it once was with many of the buildings empty.

I wish I could have seen it back when it was alive.