Outside for the Globetrotter Lodge in Holbrook, AZ sits an unrestored Ford Country Squire. The owner of the hotel keeps a collection of older vehicles out front in order to attract guests. For me, it piqued my interest. Clearly busy, the owner wasn’t too keen on the idea of speaking with me for too long, but he did give me one small bit of information. His 1969 Ford Country Squire, in the required green with fake wood paneling, is an unrestored car and in good condition for being unrestored and 44 years old. Equipped with Ford’s 429 cubic inch V8, he agreed that definitely packed a punch. He quickly excused himself and went about his day.

This man, whose name I did not catch, made me think about memories. We cherish memories, photos, etc., but through the taking of photos and living life through the lens of a camera, do we really get to immerse ourselves with the people? With the culture? I’ve started taking fewer and fewer photos as I go on various trips. I like to stop and smell the flowers.