Old stories become visual


This is Eddie.  He was the most fantastic person I had ever met in my 21 years of life.  To the common person, Eddie might not seem so spectacular, but to me, he was very inspiring.  Eddie has lived in Williams, AR his whole life.  He owned a Mobil gas station and was present through all the “historical” moments in Williams. 

We were lucky enough to meet Eddie on our Road to Ruscha trip and spend some time with him.  He told us many stories about his growing up and the ornery times with his buddies.  I think what was most intriguing to me was Eddie’s personality within his voice.  As a shy guy, he was not a very open person, but he eventually warmed up to us, then his true voice spoke up. 

            As he was telling us stories of his upbringing, it was amazing to actually look at the places he was specifically pointing out and visually imagine his stories as if they were occurring right in front of you.  That was an experience that I have never had before.

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