Bunch of Shoes

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Deep in the Mojave desert we found a site that had become a landmark to kids and teenagers who leave behind their pair of shoes on a barbed wire fence. We couldn’t be certain as to why kids decided to start leaving their shoes and what the place had originally been before a dumping ground for child’s shoes, but it was obvious that this place held significance with a large group of people. One of the pictures shown is of a tennis ball with two people’s names written on the ball. This seemed to be a common occurrence with this site where people would write their names on a random item and leave it behind as if it were supposed to bring them good luck. Although we couldn’t be certain about the site, it was a fun place to see and think about why this place was in the space. One of our professors said that it originally was a school that burned down and now kids place their old shoes their to have a memory of their passed school but the class could not confirm much of anything just being spectators of our site.