Nagasaki Before and After

Mapping Time.

I may have mentioned this before, but I absolutely love thinking on the idea of temporal scale! Looking at the past and seeing the changes compared to now and then trying to figure out what the future might hold for the analyzed area.

I’ve seen a lot of before and after pictures recently with all of the tornadoes, and while devastating it does really help to give perspective on the strength of nature.

Of course what happened in the first picture isn’t nature. The U.S. dropped a nuclear bomb on the people of Nagasaki and here you can see their “mapping” of time with a before and after. The second picture also gives the radial distances from ground zero so we have a scale.nagasaki nowNow we add the current look at Nagasaki where the bomb is dropped. The change is absolutely amazing.= as we see time mapped before our eyes. While you can argue this is more morphology, which it is as well. I’m interesting in the concept of time, which this maps perfectly well from pre-1945, to the bombing in 1945, to now in 2013.