Demolished Semi Trucks

_DSC8483 _DSC8492 _DSC8482 _DSC8479

Our drive today brought us to an unexpected stop, we found this site full of junk and torn apart semi trucks littering this one area on the side of the road. It was as if this wreck had just happened and everything was just left behind and time in this one place stood still. These used to be grand vehicles and all the products they carried held some value, however, now, they have been left, to be forgotten, in a bad shape that they were not before. However, even in their disrepair, they hold a sort of majestic beauty in them. A beauty that draws upon what the once were and how they are left now. Just like the towns we visited, there is a reverence I felt for them that dealt with the idea of the bright towns they used to be, contrasted with the older, grittier, more beat up towns they are now.

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