Prince Ale

Holbrook, Arizona was a very interesting stop for us. We stayed in our first motel that night, which at first seemed a little creepy, however, the friendly diner attached helped ease some of that.  We met many of the Holbrook natives who were all really friendly warm people.  The next morning we drove down to the Wig Wam hotels and explored the area of the Beeline gas station. However, shortly after arriving on site, a group of us had found this puppy and the little boy she belonged to.  This is when we met Ale and Sophie. Sophie, the more energetic and trusting puppy and Ale, the reserved, shy little boy, were quite a pair.  Slowly Ale began to warm up and trust this group of strangers enough to talk to us a little bit. Talking with this little seven year old and his puppy close to the site of one of the gas stations, was an interesting scenario for me. It made me start to think of these towns in a different way than I had been doing before. These weren’t just old stops along Route 66 that once held a great deal of importance but now resembled more of ghost towns, these towns are still places people live and grow up in. Talking to older adults in these towns didn’t give me the same feeling. They were closer to the time of Route 66, they could possibly still remember it and stayed there because it was home. But Ale represented a new generation being raised in these off the beaten path towns.

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