Going Place & Doing Things

One of the most important part of any discipline is getting out into the field and immersing yourself in your surroundings. For us geographers, Dr. Gress says we’re doing geo-detective work. We are reading our landscapes, according to Meinig, and learning what we can about the area’s sense of place. Some places on this trip, namely Oatman, AZ, seemed to have no real sense of place. Here we have a nearly abandoned town, with a population of not more than 50 folks, that somehow stays afloat. Situated along old Route 66, and once a major gold mining town, Oatman is certainly full of history. This makes the traveler wonder, however, why it still exists today? A quick glance reveals not much. Each shop has the same western wear, Route 66 memorabilia, and kitchsy garbage…so why does it continue to attract folks? Burros, perhaps, and the Durlin Hotel, listed as a site n nth NRHP. I don’t get it