Groom, Texas


This town of Groom, Texas and its gas station, Fina, appear to be ones that really thrived during the time of Route 66. This gas station, or what is left of it, shows there were enough stations for four pumps back when it was in business. Now days, four pumps do not seem like much, however, back in the 60′s when two pumps were pretty good, four would have meant this was a major stop that needed to and could provide four pumps. The large grain silo across the street also indicates how profitable this town used to be. However, with the new interstate in place, this one major city now appears to have lost most of it’s luster. The gas station no longer exists, and the massive silo across the street is shut down. The town itself looks more like the remains of the gas station than the thriving town it once was.

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  1. Charla, so it would be bad for me to send Cory the link? I want you to have more babies! Your kids are all so peefrct and I don’t believe for an instant that that sweet little baby is becoming difficult! I can’t wait for the fall to get them in front of my camera again!

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