Snow Drift – Winslow, AZ

I the town of Winslow, AZ sits a fantastic art gallery called Snow Drift. The building, a former department store, has been renovated and transformed into what it is today by Dan Lutzick and his wife Ann-Mary, sits on the corner of Route 66 and Warren Ave. When purchased for the sum of $2, the building was in poor condition, having had water penetrate into piece of wood in the building, and required extensive repairs. What I was surprised to learn was that Snow Drift is Ann-Mary and Dan’s home, and what a cool home it is. The kitchen is galley-style, and combines with one of the several living areas of the home, creating a very nice space. One of the guest bedrooms is also a library, but, according to Ann-Mary, it gets a tad stuffy. Upstairs is their, in the words of Ann-Mary, summer home. Vast and open, the upstairs portion of the building is huge and very inviting. It’s truly an incredible space.