Shamrock, Texas

Shamrock, Texas appears to be a town that was once a major city and stop along Route 66. Even though it no longer is a major city, it still looks like it was a larger city. Not only did it have a one gas station with four pumps, it had at least two gas stations very near to each other. This indicates that this town could support a lot of travelers and was getting enough traffic through to do so. In present time, however, both these gas stations are no longer functioning gas stations. One has ben turned into a hair salon and dry cleaners, while the other still looks like the gas station from the past, but is not functional and now houses a tourist center. In fact, while driving through Shamrock, I do not remember seeing a functional gas station at all. I’m not saying they didn’t have one, but it wasn’t in a visible area from where we were. This shows the transformation that has taken place in the structure of the town itself after the instillation of the interstate. These sites that contained the old gas stations were probably the main part of town where many business would be located so that travelers could easily find them. Now, however, there wasn’t much of anything near these two areas.

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