Behind Shamrock Cleaners


The making of a map could be created in different ways. One way I looked at this was viewing the area directly surrounding the sites. At our stop in Shamrock, I went and explored more of the outside surrounding areas than the actual interior. I liked how the exterior of this location held many different objects and visuals at each side of the perimeter. The area behind the building was particularly interesting to me, out from the building it had a river and pipes blowing out steam. These two pieces give a clue as to what is contained within the building. The excessive steam being let out in the dry cleaners had two little exits out of the building, in the form of two thin pipes. The river seemed to be generated from something within the cleaner’s and slowly flowing out. It was a pretty colored blue without any odor of any kind, lending me to believe it wasn’t any sort of septic plumbing, but maybe more along the lines of soapy water from the cleaning service. For me, however, the explanation behind these occurrences wasn’t my main focus. What drew me in, was the simple and still beauty both possessed. This still beauty mimicked the same sort of beauty I found within the cleaner’s itself.

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    • That looks delicious!The good news- conred beef isn’t what Irish people use, so you can use ham instead. And the water ham’s boiled in is absolutely divine for cooking vegetables with.[]

    • I agree, and it has a different qaiulty that we wont see in summer, those yellowy green colors I think. I love this idea to really notice all the shades, I will in between sneezes:-) Yesterday at the preschool, we had lots of time outside in the mud. You should have heard the woods!! What a wonderful racquet with all the frogs and birds talking!!

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