Apple Pie, Baseball, and…Burnouts?!

Flagstaff, AZ is quite the odd town. It’s a cultural cornucopia, with all walks of life. At what used to be the Phillips 66 in Flagstaff, featured in Ruscha’s book, work a pair of very interesting technicians. Cory and his brother work at the Aamco fixing cars all day, and having fun. I needed out a bit when it came to discussing cars and their weak points, but I digress. We spoke about the general badness if GM transfer cases, the crumminess of later model VW Jetta transmissions, and the horrible transmissions of the Volvo XC90 and S80 T6. Why Volvo decided to use a GM 4-speed automatic instead of their own 5-speed unit, I will never understand…but the GM unit is horrible.

The brothers had no idea what the shop used to be, but quickly informed me that the local university will be tearing the show down in favor of new dorms. Saddened by this, I thanked the gentlemen and wandered off. Shortly after, these two whipped out the 4-wheelers and messed around on them, and then treated us to a healthy burnout in Cory’s Dodge Ramcharger.