16 Minutes

May 20, 2013.

The citizens of Moore, OK had 16 minutes of warning time before an EF-5 tornado wiped through the city of nearly 60,000 people. 16,000 people were in the path of this storm. You have 16 minute to save your life. What do you do?

I have never felt the feelings of fear and panic as much as I did on May 20. I ran my iPhone battery from 100% to 20% in so much as an hur and a half. The fear of not knowing. Not knowing if your friends still have a home, a place of employment, and their lives. As the tornado formed, not knowing if the storm will go east instead and go right through the heart of your city.

I began to panic. What can I do to help? Are my colleagues okay? Did they take their tornado precautions? How many lost their life?

I’m usually calm and collected. My thoughts were all over the place, and my Twitter feed didn’t help. The National Weather Service Norman posted constantly about those in danger.

Panic. Fear. All in paradise.

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