A Changing Culture

Some may argue that the car culture is dying, but I disagree. It’s very much alive, and it’s very much changing. Long gone are the days of massive V8 engines in regular cars, ordinary cars. Long gone are the days of a friendly stop light race, or a brief conversation praising the benefits of one domestic vehicle over the other. No, now we have a new culture forming around efficient vehicles. Tesla introduced a new vehicle a last year called the Model S. Prices hover around $100,000, and there’s talk of introducing a less expensive, less powerful version. What the Model S does is make an efficient car that’s not a Prius relevant. Tesla has several “super charge” stations set up around the state of California, with plans to build more nation wide, that let owners charge their vehicles for free. What’s interesting is what Tesla owners are doing in during their 45-50 minute charge time…they’re enjoying it. They’re mingling with Tesla owners, discussing their luxurious vehicles in depth. In the US, power is very much a luxury, and the Tesla delivers. 0-60 in the low 4 second range, and quarter mile times rivaling that of many V8 powered sporty vehicles.

What this makes me feel, however, is a bit sad. My culture is dying, but a new one is taking its place.